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A trust is a helpful estate planning tool for those people who wish to avoid estate taxes and the costs associated with probate. However, it is not necessarily useful for all people and can often cause great misunderstanding to those who fail to investigate the matter properly.

At the Law Office of Andrew Oostdyk, we will not set up a trust that you do not need. Our firm will work with you to create an estate plan which provides the protection you are seeking without any unnecessary confusion. We will discuss your concerns and your needs before recommending any type of plan. We feel that by understanding your situation, we can create an estate plan that is truly reflective of your goals.

Is a Trust Necessary?

A trust is a legal instrument that transfers title to your property to a trustee for the benefit of a third
party. A trust allows you to retain possession of your property and avoid probate. You are able to
avoid having trust property subject to probate because the property is technically owned by the trust,
not you, so it would not be included in your estate when you die.

Some of the trusts which we create for clients include:

Charitable Trusts: These trusts give property to a charity in order to avoid taxes. We can create
contingent trusts that give property to a charity only if you are facing estate taxes.

Revocable Trusts: A trust that the creator can alter or cancel during his or her lifetime. Only after
death does the title to property transfer to the beneficiaries.

Insurance Trusts: An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) is a trust that provides money to your
beneficiaries at the time of your death.

Marital Trusts
: This trust attempts to avoid estate taxes by transferring title of your property to your

Special Needs Trusts: This trust is important when you have minor children, and disabled family

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